Meet The Team

The Travel Society team consist of multiple personalities and skills that revolve around providing exceptional service for our travel advisors. Whether someone is in accounting, operations, marketing, or sales, we always have the best interest of the travel advisor in mind.

Laura DeNuzzi

Laura DeNuzziTravel Society Staff

Laura DeNuzzi is the Denver Office Manager/Oper...

Angelina Atayde

Angelina AtaydeTravel Society Staff

Angelina is an accounting specialist

Susanne ToddTravel Society Staff

Susanne Todd is Controller

MaryJo Camaren

MaryJo CamarenTravel Society Staff

MaryJo is Vendor Manager

Suzy Nicholson

Suzy NicholsonTravel Society Staff

Suzy was a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), wi...

Randy Yaroch

Randy YarochTravel Society Staff

Randy Yaroch is an Owner and the Managing Direc...

Ken Luzietti

Ken LuziettiTravel Society Staff

Ken Luzietti is an owner and oversees finance, ...

Gina Philp

Gina PhilpTravel Society Staff

Gina Philp is the Director of Operations at Tra...

Chris Hood

Chris HoodTravel Society Staff

Chris Hood is the Systems Administrator for Tra...

Lori Mathis

Lori MathisTravel Society Staff

Lori Mathis is the Boulder office manager for T...

Dana Warttman

Dana WarttmanTravel Society Staff

Dana Warttman is an Accounting Specialist and h...

Susan Beardslee

Susan BeardsleeTravel Society Staff

Susan Beardslee is an Accounting Specialist and...