Virtuoso is a world renowned organization that provides our travel advisors with unparalleled services and support. Whether it’s a free room upgrade, tickets to an exclusive wine tasting, or a complimentary spa package, our partnership is sure to impress your clientele.

Benefits to working with Virtuoso

Higher Commissions

Through Virtuoso, Travel Society travel advisors are able to receive a larger commissions with the due to the quantity of travel that is sold through Virtuoso.

Personalized Marketing

Our travel advisors are able to get additional marketing services at no additional cost through our Virtuoso membership.  This includes email marketing, direct marketing, and Co-Op marketing opportunities.

Voyager Club

Does your clientele like to cruise in style and luxury?  Virtuoso Voyager Club benefits are sure to impress your travelers and put you a step above the rest.  Between the exclusive cocktail parties and private onshore excursions, you customers are treated like royalty.  For more information, please click here.

Hotel and Resort Upgrades

With our Virtouso membership, our travel advisor clients are able to receive free upgrades including complimentary spa packages, golf packages, room upgrades, and much much more!

Exclusive Access

Through our partnership with Virtuoso, Travel Society members get access to exclusive and private events not available to the general public.  This means you can get tickets to events that are considered to be “Sold Out” and can get you the best seats in the house.

Seabourn Pride, Spirit, Legend in Santorini, Greece

What our travel advisors are saying about Virtuoso

“Being a member of Virtuoso gives my clients VIP status around the world – qualifying them for upgrades, special amenities and one-of-a-kind experiences that are not available to the everyday tourist.”

Dana W