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The Travel Society Ticket and Exchange Desk

Ticketing and Exchange Support for Travel Society Independent Travel Professionals

The Travel Society is excited to introduce to our members a Ticket and Exchange support desk!

In February 2021, The Travel Society will begin supporting our Professional Travel Advisors and Travel Agencies with ticketing services!

We want to ensure our members feel confident during their ticket transactions and in addition ensuring they are maximizing their earning potential by not missing potential commission opportunities. Our ticketing experts will secure the best schedule and fare options for their clients as well as perform quality control checks offering 24/7 ticketing support.

The Travel Society ticketing support desk will also assist our members with ticket exchange transactions, saving them time and potentially costly debit memos!

Whether our member requesting ticketing support is a seasoned ticketing agent or not, we will be here to support all of their ticketing needs. It’s simply another way we support our Independent Travel Professional Members!