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Accounting and Reporting Services

We understand that most professional travel planners don’t wake up and scream “I want to work on accounting today“! Rest easy, our accounting department at Travel Society has over 60 years combined experience and will allow you to focus on selling travel while they take care of the tedious and time consuming tasks of tracking and recording your sales and commissions !  What our travel advisors like best about our accounting staff is that they are accurate, personable and provide prompt payments, and respond quickly to your requests.

We pay commissions every 2 weeks and provide our travel advisors the convenience of direct deposit. You have the option to request various reports  daily, weekly, or monthly  so you can stay on top of your sales, commissions, and expenses.  We also empower you with a commission income and vendor sales tracking tool so you can have more control over your business.

“The Travel Society has never treated me like a number. They genuinely care about me and my clients. A relationship like that always leads to success.”.
Heather T
Independent Travel Advisor