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Access China Tours

December 9, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Cherry Creek office
Daniel Pliske
Phone (970)227-9767
Company Name Access China Tours
Company Representative Daniel Pliske
Company Representatives Title Sales & Marketing Assistant
Email Address
Phone (970)227-9767
Product Updates We have a China Luxury FAM Tour scheduled for Spring (March 24 – April, 4) 2015. This is an all-encompassing tour of China’s highlights for the low price of $1,589. Destinations include Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin (with Longsheng & Yangshuo), and Shanghai, as well as luxury boutique and character hotel inspections in each city. We also have two excellent group tours scheduled for Spring 2015. Our Golden Triangle of China Tour, scheduled March 16-24, gives travelers an excellent taste for China, as it is more on the budget side and is only 9 days / 7 nights. Destinations include Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing. The cost of this tour starts at $1,385. Our Eastern China Escape Tour consists of travel to Nanjing, Yellow Mountain, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. This tour is extremely luxury and does not visit the most popular Chinese cities, as it is intended more for second time visitors. This tour will provide travelers with a more unique experience as well as the best hotels on offer. This tour is scheduled for April 5-15 and prices start at $4,190.
How does your company compare to competitors? Access China Tours is a small company with offices in Denver, Vancouver, and Beijing. We have been in business for 19 years now and specialize in customized luxury tours to China as well as other Asian destinations. Every tour is specially designed for out clients based on their individual wants, needs, and desires. Therefore, every tour is personalized and carefully created by our extremely knowledgeable and well-traveled trip planning specialists. We all share a passion for travel and tourism, especially to China and its neighboring countries. We aim to provide competitive prices as well as the best service possible. We always pay attractive commissions or net pricing to our valued travel professional partners.
Company Key Website Features Our website features all of the current tours Access China Tours has scheduled at this time. Since we primarily specialize in customized tours, we list many examples of suggested China and Asia travel itineraries. We do not allow online bookings because we prefer to have the opportunity to work with our clients in order to provide them with the exact types of tour experiences in which they are seeking in their holidays.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Please share our upcoming Spring 2015 tours with your clients who are thinking about traveling to China. Also, let clients know that customized private tours will allow them to maximize their time as well as their overall enjoyment while traveling to Asia.