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Arts & Leisure Tours @ Cherry Creek

Diana Harris- Managing Director

Arts and Leisure Tours USA


Toll Free: 1 800 387 4110 – Reservations


We pay 15% commission for packages (hotels, tours, transfers) however if you book your hotels elsewhere and you are giving up a substantial land package we can recognize the 15%)

We pay 11pct for itemized itineraries.

We pay 12pct for our Inspiration hotels.



We are a very inclusive tour company therefore we have decided for the moment not to affiliate with any particular consortium HOWEVER in Canada we are the preferred vendor with TTI, Vision and the Travel Network. We work with many Virtuoso agencies in the United States.


Background: We do not have any current sales volume with The Travel Society because  the company is based in Toronto Canada and has worked with 95% of the travel agencies in Canada. We expanded to the United States last year. I have hired a sales rep for the West and East Coast while I do the sales for the Midwest and Texas. Since I visited the Travel Society before when I was working for JDB Fine Hotels & Resorts, I wanted to approach you and your agents since our company has a proven track record and specializes in FIT and groups and everything we do is customized.


Commission payments

We are very proud to say that we pay commission before the client travels. At time of booking we ask for a 30pct deposit (everything is confirmed at that point), we ask for final payment 45 days before the clients travel. We issue real documents in a beautiful ticket jacket or can issue e-docs or both.  The documents are very detailed with the itinerary, emergency numbers, vouchers, travel tips, packing tips, restaurant suggestions, international dialing instructions, shopping suggestions etc. At that time, we send you your commission check.

We can quote gross or net and can add an agent mark up is so desired. The proposals are very detailed.

The reservation staff is excellent- well traveled and knowledgeable. We prefer to work by phone or email. We do not have a booking online tool because everything we do is highly customized and we like to qualify the clients with many questions.


We have 24 hour emergency numbers (highlighted in red on the documents) if for some reason the clients cannot get through with these numbers they have our emergency number so the agent is never disturbed during the night.