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Boulder Prohotel International

August 3, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Elizabeth Carrizales/Salma Saab
Prohotel International
Elizabeth Carrizales/ Salma Saab
National Sales Manager
Hotel Claris in Barcelona recently updated all of their rooms; the hotel has a beautiful collection of ancient art and an Egyptian Museum on site. The Victorian building of The Caesar Hotel in London has been recently remodeled. Casas del XVI in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, added additional rooms. Pico Bonito in Honduras will soon open their brand new Spa.
Each property we sell offers simple yet plush accommodations and innovative surroundings and has a personality specifically targeted to reflect the local environment. The property’s perception is matched by attention to detail, personalized service and operating philosophy is common to all its properties.
You may find a short description of each of our properties and a link to their own website with further detailed information.
We are eager to train your staff on our beautiful properties and how to sell such unique products to the clients. Update on packages and special promotions to incentivize the sale.