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British Virgin Islands Tourist Board

July 24, 2015 @ 11:30 pm – July 25, 2015 @ 12:00 am
Boulder Office
Tausha Vanterpool
Company Name British Virgin Islands Tourist Board
Company Representative Tausha Vanterpool
Company Representatives Title Business Development Manager
Email Address
Phone 2133042993
Product Updates 1) Oil Nut Bay Development & YCCS Marina
2) Extension of Cruise Ship Pier and Development of Tortola Pier Park
3) Diversity of Product Offering – Culinary Tourism, Eco-Tourism, expansion of water sports offerings and tournaments
How does your company compare to competitors? We offer Niche specific FAMs to agents. For example if an agent sells Luxury Properties only, that agent will be placed on a Luxury only FAM.

Webinar trainings on the product, mailing updates, pride ourselves on relationship building

Company Key Website Features 1) Things to Do in the BVI
2) How to get around
3) Marriage Requirements
4) Property Listings and services by island
5) Moment by moment key updates via our Social Media Outlets – Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions 1) Specialize in a specific niche of travel. This allows an agent to really know his/her product and can sell it proficiently and effectively.

2) Always seek ways in which to ‘personalize’ travel for your client. It gives them a feeling of ‘being special, thought of and well taken care of.

3) Be knowledgeable and always readily available/accessible to a client. This increases the close of a sale by 150%

Which office would you like to present to? Boulder
Date of Presentation July 24, 2015
Time of Presentation 11:30 AM
Will you be bringing food or beverages? Yes
Do you need assistance ordering food or beverage? Yes
Audio Visual Needs HDMI Cord