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Collette@ Cherry Creek

Company Name Collette
Company Representative and brief Bio Joshua Ogden
Company Representatives Title Business Development Manager
Email Address
Phone 866-669-5401
Product Updates We are adding more small group tours (Explorations). These are limited to 19 passengers starting in 2019. Currently these small group tours are 22-24 maximum passengers. We have river cruises with Luftner in Europe. They operate the Amadeus Ships. We charter the entire ship on our departure dates. We have “Spotlight” tours which are single hotel stays, and still a guided tour of a single city. (e.g. Spotlight on Tuscany) We have Faith tours (e.g. Pilgrimage to Fatima & Lourdes, Pilgrimage to Israel) We have added a few new tours, etc.
How does your company compare to competitors? 4-Star Guided Tour Company & 3rd Oldest Tour Company in the World. 170+ tour to all 7 continents We are more inclusive and have less optional tours. We have a black car sedan service for travelers who book our air inclusive package. We have more Choices on Tour. We average 4.5 hotels per tour versus 7-8 hotels on competitors at our level. This means we stay 2.5 nights on average per hotel. This allows for better paced tours. We DO NOT DO ONLINE DISCOUNTING (e.g. Costco,, etc.). All our competition does online discounting. We have a 91% retention rate versus 45% industry average. We commission agents on everything they sell, including airfare. Average commission per booking is $850 – $1200 We have a non-discriminatory travel insurance that is a cancel for any reason policy, and CASH refund for your travelers. This protects them pre-tour and on tour (e.g. Medical) We have more Guaranteed Departure dates than three of our competitors combined. We have a Loyalty Program for your travelers. We are partners with AARP, so members with get a savings off Collette tours if they are an AARP Member.
Company Key Website Features We have an online web portal for agents to book online, keep track of bookings, and take our eLearning courses. Agents get 50% off land and 10% off our air once they complete the eLearning. Also, friends/companions will receive 30% off land and 10% off our air. Agents must create an account at the top right of our website which says “Log In / Sign Up”. Once logged in, the “Gateway” is where the agent will want to go.