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Destination Hotels Boulder Office Visit

November 12, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Boulder Office
Nickole Moriarty

Company Name Destination Hotels: Vail Cascade, Sunriver Resort, Inverness Hotel
Company Representative Nickole Moriarty
Company Representatives Title Leisure Sales Manager
Email Address

Phone 720-434-9213

Online Brochure Website URL

Product Updates Winter promotions, activities, events and updates for all 3 properties
How does your company compare to competitors? Destination Hotels feature an alternative to the cookie cutter brands, all offering a unique and authentic experience for all types of travelers.
Company Key Website Features is the best resource to view and select which property will be best for your client.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Leslie Kaminski manages the Virtuoso program at a Corporate level. She can be reached at

Which office would you like to present to? Cherry Creek & Boulder
Date of Cherry Creek Presentation November 12, 2014
Time of Cherry Creek Presentation 11:00 AM
Date of Boulder Presentation November 12, 2014
Time of Boulder Presentation 03:00 PM