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Exclusive Travel Society Webinar – Chilko Experience

May 5, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Company Name The Chilko Experience
Company Representative Phil Huston
Company Representatives Title Owner
Email Address
Phone 8888657136
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The Chilko Experience is a seven home $10M private estate located on a pristine 5m acre pristine wilderness tract in southern British Columbia. It was built by Phil & Anne Huston of Nebraska for the use of friends and family. The family is grown so it recently opened commercially. It is argueably the nicest wilderness rec facility in North America. The 2016 season is the first that the Chilko Experience has sought porfessional ties to the travel industry. In the last four months we have become a Nat Geo property and a Ker & Downy destination. Of more importance is establishing direct realtionship with travel agents/agencies hence the contact of the Travel society. In 2016 we are the unknown hidden gem all seek. In 2108 we will be fully booked at higher prices The Chilko Experience is seasonal (June – Sept) and host twelve guests per week or 200 per season. We can sleep up to 21 for special family events. Travel is via Vancouver. Chilko is 150 miles due north of Vancouver. Most guests arrive by one hour private charter flights from the Vancouver. Charter costs average about $700 per person round trip. We arrange all charter service for guests.

How does your company compare to competitors? The Chilko Experience succeeds so well because of what it is not, another lodge. A lodge host guests or clients who stay in rooms and interface with a manager. At Chilko we host friends who stay in private homes and they intereface with the owners. It more like going to Disney World as the guest of Walt Disney rather than buying a ticket at the front gate. To understand any comparisons with competitors one must first understand the what each offers. The Chilko Experience does three things exceptionally well. We have tremedous architecture. Stunning log and timber frame homes that have been featured on HGTV Canada. No tents here. Our location is so vast and pristine its difficult to comprehend. Paw Up is a 37,000 acre Montana ranch which seems large. One can place 1,500 such ranchs in our wilderness tract. Pristine means pure. One can drink the water from any stream, river or lake at Chilko. Lastly we do lots of great activities(10 +) in the middle of this wonderful and beautiful wilderness. That is how one connects with nature. Paws Up, the Ranch at Brush Creek and others offer a western outdoors experience connected to a first class Spa. They don’t do wilderness because its not available in the continental US. There are other lodges in Alaska & Canada that offer wilderness experiences but generally are modest affairs or have limited activities. The famous BC coastal ones such as Clayoquot and Mimmo Bay are twice the price and have very restrictive kids pricing.
Company Key Website Features The Chilko Experience has a new and exceptional website. Its starts with a 60 seconds slide show that features the best of what the facility and area offer. Special website features: 1. Aerial view of the entire facility plus detail exterior video of each home. 2. A 3D tour of each home avialable for guest use featuring brand new Matterport technology. Replaced professional interior photos. 3. Visual depiction of all guided activities available. 4. Videos of area and especially wildlife. Chilko host a 1M sockeye salmon run each yr which results in over 80 Grizzly bears moving onto the river banks to feed.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions 1. Most clients are couples, families and multigenerational families. Lots of multigeneration families because as a multipsort destination we have something for the 8 and 80 years old to do. 2. Let Chilko do the heavy lifting. Get people to the website and they become excited. 3. For even moderately active people we are a much better destination than Alaska. It is much closer, has better weather with long sunny dry summers (17 vs 65 inches of precipation), no bugs, less people and more to do. Most people go to alaska and see amazing vistas but get to do almost nothing. 4. One location for the entire stay. Day trips. No moving every other night. 5. Avoid rustic at all costs. 6. Personal. Only 12 guests per week. Three guides per 12 guests. 7. All inclusive means just that including all guided activites. Not the norm. 8. No one is going to ask to be sent to BC. Its pretty undiscoved compared to Alasksa. Present this as an option to Alasksa and for any family who wants an adventure.