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Hahn Air @ Boulder

August 30, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Company Name Hahn Air
Company Representative and brief Bio Steve Beck
Company Representatives Title Account Management
Email Address
Phone +1-651-335-9463
Product Updates Request 15-20 minutes total to review latest Hahn Air (HR and H1) partner carrier additions within the GDS. Travel Agent only Service Desk support updates.
How does your company compare to competitors? Air ticket validation plate/service for agents needing a specific airline plate that TS might not have. 324 total airlines available within GDS.
Company Key Website Features Quick Check carrier availability. Securtix complimentary partner carrier insolvency (bankruptcy) insurance for ANY carrier plated on HR-169 stock.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Understanding HR can assist them with a carrier plate if they request a carrier within the GDS however the agent receives a reject message stating “unable to ticket”. Checking with HR to see if we offer a plate to assist agent to complete the air ticker sale.