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Hahn Air

March 17, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am
Boulder Office
Steve Beck
Company Name Hahn Air
Company Representative Steve Beck
Company Representatives Title Account Management
Email Address
Phone 651-335-9463
Online Brochure Website URL
Product Updates Hahn Air now has 310 carriers available for published fare ticketing on the HR-169 validation plate. We have a new subset of carriers called H1 (Hahn Air Systems) which are also published fares and H1-fares also must be ticketed on the HR-169 stock. The GDS’ will show a Marketing Carrier code of H1 and then the operating carrier (like a code share).
How does your company compare to competitors? We offer a completely free ticketing service only available to the agents and only in the GDS’. Hahn Air Securtix airline insolvency insurance is also included (free) on any Hahn Air issued document and guarantees the fare incase of airline insolvency. Hahn Air will refund the complete coupon amount within ARC for the carrier ceasing operations within 14 days without fee or question. The passenger and agency are always protected.
Company Key Website Features Hahn Air Quick Check Tool is the quickest, most accurate way to show which carriers are available to ticket on the Hahn Air HR-169 validation plate:
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Hahn Air Service Desk is an AGENT ONLY support center based in Frankfurt, Montevideo and Manilla and staffed by Hahn Air employees only. The provide any in-depth service/support on requests such as refunds, coupon status changes, faring/ticketing, airport issues, etc. They are the agent experts and can be reached 24 hours. or 1-855-HAHNAIR
Which office would you like to present to? Cherry Creek & Boulder
Date of Cherry Creek Presentation March 16, 2016
Time of Cherry Creek Presentation 01:00 PM
Date of Boulder Presentation March 17, 2016
Time of Boulder Presentation 11:00 AM
Will you be bringing food or beverages? No
Audio Visual Needs None