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Hilton Worldwide Presenter-Kelly Vogt @Cherry Creek

Company Name Hilton Worldwide Hotels
Company Representative Kelly Vogt
Company Representatives Title Agency Sales Executive
Email Address
Phone 480-621-2380
Product Updates Digital Check In Digital Key Travel Agent Training Modules training incentive
How does your company compare to competitors? We are the number one hospitality chain worldwide in new hotel rooms being built. We have 4500 hotels in 93 countries, we have around 50 million members in the Hhonors loyalty program and all brands have won JD Powers and Associates awards in their respective categories.
Company Key Website Features Travel Agent website has the same booking engine as but it is travel agent friendly and you can put in your IATA number for commission.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Advise all travelers to sign up for the Hhonors program to get complimentary WiFi at all hotels worldwide. They do not have to earn complimentary WiFi, they just need an Hhonors number when they log in at the hotel for it to be complimentary. If you book the client in the GDS or at and add the client’s Hhonors number to the booking, they will be able to check into the hotel 24 hours in advance electronically and actually choose a room number at that time. If they download the Hhonors App on their phone, they can bypass the front desk and go directly to their room. Their cell phone can be used as their room key.