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Roe and Company Hospitality @ Cherry Creek Representing Hotels & Private Residences in Europe, Mexico and the U.S.

March 22, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

My company is a bit different than most representation companies. I really know and love my properties very well. I have worked with some for over 15 years. They are all family owned, and I travel most of the time with my owners. The properties are classic, or have some unique chiastic that sets them apart.

My collection is stunning, since I have been to your offices, I have added more stunning properties in Rome, Margutta 19 is stunning, and FENDI of course. I now have Madrid and Barcelona.


ONE most important factor is Roe & Co, understands the great relationship with my Travel Agents. To always make YOU look good with the Trust you give me with your bookings. I realize the days now unfortunately, that 3 party booking are out there. BUT if my hotels can always offer ADDED value that the consumer could never get on the internet everyone wins.


The reason I have a business at all is the amazing long term relationships I have made with the Travel Community …and I treasure that.

Roselyn Cosentino


Mobile: +1 310 613 5075


The Whitehall Hotel – Chicago

Auberge du Jeu de Paume – Chantilly, France

Del Mar – Los Cabos

Petit Ermitage – West Hollywood

TRYP Hotel Time Square – New York

Hotel Santa Fe The Hacienda & Spa – New Mexico

RawaH Ranch – Colorado

Rome Luxury Suites – Rome, Italy

Il Borro – Arezzo, Tuscany

Sedona Rouge-Sedona, Arizona


Roselyn Cosentino


Mobile: +1 310 613 5075