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The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort – Click + for registration and resort information. Join Owner Phil Huston for a look at this luxury wilderness experience.

January 12, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 10:45 am


The Chilko Experience
Phil Huston
1. A Covid free destination due to wilderness location. Wilderness tract is 5M acres and has four winter residents and 20 summer residents plus guests.

2. Additional family activities. A ninja obstacle course designed for kids, an archery range and a wood-fired hot tub are all new for 2021. These are in addition to the 12 activities we have always offered.

Our BC luxury lodge peers would be Nimo Bay, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, and Sonora Resort. They are all located on the BC coastline while we are located in the interior at 4,000 elevations. On an all-in basis, our rates are about 60% of our peers simply because we are a new offering (2015).

Our strengths are our custom-built facility, our family-owned boutique offering, and unique geography that allows multisport activities. Mountain, lakes, rivers, and plains with three miles of the lodge location.

1. Video of area and activities possible.
2. 3D self-directed walkthrough of all homes.
3. Chilko is the best bear viewing location in BC. We have a special fall offering for wildlife fans.
We host 12 guests at any one time and are very family-focused. These low numbers allow guests to become part of the family and thus an insider for the time they spend at Chilko. For Multigen families is easy to have a buyout of the facility ($15,000 night) and have the entire facility for themselves.

North American nature venues are going to be extremely popular going forward. We all have had enough urban for a century.