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The Evolved Traveler @ Boulder

April 13, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 10:30 am
Company Name The Evolved Traveler
Company Representative and brief Bio Justin Smith, Owner and long time industry veteran. He is based in Los Angeles, so easy to connect with.
Company Representatives Title Owner
Email Address
Phone 406-698-4291
Product Updates We have seen a growing interest in wellness travel (yoga, meditation, etc.), among luxury travelers in recent years. I am wondering if this has also been a theme for you and your clients, and if you would be interested in more opportunities in this realm. The owner of Evolved Traveler, (which includes Evolved Experiences and Evolved Retreats), will be visiting the Denver and Boulder areas and would love the chance to speak with you about what he offers for the luxury traveler. Justin Smith has been in our industry for many years, and has started this company a while back to be the end all be all in Voluntourism and Wellness in our Luxury space. His itineraries are crafted from start to finish, OR he offers a la carte additions for those travelers looking for experiences that give back to the communities/countries/cultures your clients are visiting already.
How does your company compare to competitors? There are not many other companies that are dedicated solely to wellness retreats and voluntourism on the luxury level, quite like Evolved Traveler. Justin has really found a niche and, if you have clients interested in these types of travel, Evolved Traveler can offer you a vetted, fully planned out experience.
Company Key Website Features Destinations, sample itineraries, contacts.
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions Justin will have flyers with more details on what they do, and can offer sample itineraries. He can also white label information to help you sell to your clients.