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TTS Exclusive Webinar – Chaco Travel – Specialists in Travel to Cuba

January 7, 2020 @ 10:45 am – 11:45 am


Why Choose CHACO Travel?

What separates CHACO Travel from others, you ask? Fair question,

First, co-founders Casey Champion and Grant Cohen are seasoned travelers who have lived abroad for many years and, each in their own way, spent more than decade involved in the field of education. Click here for more details about Casey and Grant’s backgrounds.

Second, we at CHACO Travel believe that cross-cultural communication between Cuban and American citizens will plant seeds of peace and prosperity. This is the main reason we’re thrilled to offer American citizens the real Cuban experience, including:

  • Access to numerous events not available to the general public,  some involving the national ballet and Afro-Cuban jazz performances.
  • Premier local guides, all extremely knowledgeable, fun and experienced.
  • Dedicated drivers with renovated classic American cars.
  • The best restaurants, frequently vetted by our team.
  • Home-cooked typical Cuban feasts, including roast pork, yuca, mojo sauce, salad, black beans and rice, with flan and Cuban coffee for dessert.
  • An assortment of private art galleries.
  • In-depth, guided walking tour of Old Havana & a Classic Car Tour of the rest of the city’s important landmarks and neighborhoods.
    • One of the country’s foremost experts in architecture will join you for the car tour portion.
  • Tour of the National Museum of Fine Arts, where you will be guided by one of the country’s foremost experts in fine arts.
  • Visit the island’s most accomplished vintage car restoration shop, where the owner has restored cars for every major politician and pop culture star that visits Cuba.
    • Even if cars are not your thing, you will learn about the owner’s fascinating life, which is representative of how some capitalistic-minded Cubans have been able to grow private businesses.
  • Much, much more, including custom requests.

CHACO Travel is thrilled to offer American citizens the opportunity to get a behind-the=scenes and off the beaten path look at Cuban culture awhile also being treated to the country’s top minds and artistic talents.