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Virtuoso, Ltd Webinar

October 29, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 10:45 am
Kristi Green
Company Name Virtuoso, Ltd.
Webinar Signup Link
Webinar Call Phone 866-828-7517
Webinar Conference Code 817 334 8516
Company Representative Kristi Green
Company Representatives Title Regional Sales Director, South Central
Email Address
Phone 817-334-8517
Product Updates – Review of (what is available on the site) vs. Composer including Virtuoso Travel Academy
– Review of advisor profiles
– Open Q & A about Virtuoso
How does your company compare to competitors? NA
Company Key Website Features – All Virtuoso products now searchable on
– Client benefits displayed for each product including Voyager Club and Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts
– Links to Composer & Virtuoso Travel Academy with auto sign-in
– Advisor Info Tab with all details for booking suppliers and programs
– Copy and Paste of programs and photos for client planning
Travel Advisor Marketing Suggestions – Email/Direct Mail
– Publications
– Use Virtuoso benefits as value add for clients at no cost
Date of Presentation October 29, 2014
Time of Presentation 10:00 AM
Will you be offering a prize drawing for attendees? No