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Our Flexible Plans are sure to meet the needs of every Travel Professional

Gold Plan

  • 80/20 Commission Split
  • Air Commission Paid 100%*
  • Service Fee Paid 100%*
  • Cruise, Tour, Hotel, Car, Insurance 80%*
  • Monthly Minimum $300
  • Nominal Air Ticket Fee
  • Ticket fees count towards minimum
  • Call today and ask about our 2021 Financial Releif Plan!

Elite Plan

  • Air Commission Paid 100%
  • Service Fee Paid 100%
  • Cruise, Tour, Hotel, Car, Insurance 100%
  • Monthly Minimum $0
  • Nominal Air Ticket Fee
  • Monthly Fee $590
  • Call today and ask about our 2021 Financial relief Plan!

*  80% Commissions earned for air booked through consolidators

We also offer Premier (retain 100% commission) and Platinum (80/20 commission split) plans for those who prefer to have their ticketing fees waived.

Travel Agency owners, have you ever considered partnering with a Host Agency? We can assist with cost savings and provide you with the buying power of a global agency while still retaining your agency ownership, IC’s or employees and most important, retaining your identity!

No Long Term Contracts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How our host agency pricing structure works on the Gold Plan is The Travel Society calculates the 20% we earn from your tour, cruise, hotel, car, insurance, consolidator sales plus air ticketing fees and applies that amount towards your monthly fee of $300 and you are only billed for the difference if it does not equal $300 or more and we will pay back your shortfall if applicable.

No, you simply pay a flat monthly fee plus nominal air ticket fees.

While GDS skill (Apollo or Sabre in our case) is preferred, it is not required. The Travel Society employs a unique online booking tool which is a very user-friendly format that ties right in to our GDS that allows you to book live airline, hotel and car reservations just as if you were in the native GDS system.

The ticket fee only applies to airline tickets issued through our GDS and online booking tool.

No, while most host agencies keep 20% of every commission you receive, The Travel Society allows you to keep 100% of your service fees charged to your clients. You also receive 100% of air commissions booked using The Travel Society ARC number in our GDS and 80% of your commissions earned for air booked through consolidators.

More information

Congratulations! You have made a great choice in expressing interest in our Hosting Programs. We are excited to tell you all about the features and benefits of partnering with us! Please complete the form below, don’t forget to hit the “Submit” button, and someone will get back to you promptly.

If you are interested in learning more about our hosting program please submit the form above and we will get back to you.

“I love being a part of The Travel Society and couldn't have asked for a better fit. Their commitment to their members is unsurpassed as they are always striving to be ahead of the curve with their technology and processes as well as their excellent service to agents. They are always up to date on providing us with any relevant travel information we may need to help our clients and they are the most friendly and helpful company I have worked with.”
Ashley H.
Independent Travel Advisor