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Travel Advisor Qualifications

We understand you have a number of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right host travel agency for you. Our size, sense of community, network and support are our greatest attributes here at The Travel Society. Our programs are designed to support the most passionate travel advisors whether you have 20 years experience or 2 years experience, by maximizing your earning potential by way of higher commission levels, 100% commission earning program, long term and strong supplier relationships and dedicated support, as well as various booking options and marketing services.

To ensure a satisfying relationship with The Travel Society, it is recommended that you are an experienced travel advisor and have an existing book of business that generates at least $150,000 in travel sales (not income) annually.

Even though the majority of travel advisors at The Travel Society do meet this expectation and have well over 10 or more years experience in the industry, we certainly understand there are exceptions to the rule. Over the years we have observed and watched extremely wild success come in all levels of industry experience, even millennial nomads and travel bloggers are now beginning to realize the potential career opportunities by partnering with a host agency and don’t even realize they are already somewhat qualified! Its all about your passion for travel and how you can take your experiences to new levels by sharing your knowledge and excitement for travel with your friends, family and new clients by empowering yourself with the tools and unsurpassed resources that you need to put your experience to work and being part of a family of amazing travel professionals that will be there for you when you need them! Our support and educational programs through our consortiums are sure to fit any travel advisors needs, regardless of your level of expertise!

Additionally, all travel advisors at The Travel Society are screened by both a credit and criminal background check and must carry professional liability insurance.

Ready to take the plunge?

“I LOVE working with The Travel Society! The support offered to their members in any area of inquiry is exceptional. The relationships with our preferred vendors are fantastic and their response to us is immediate. They will go out of their way to try and help us. Our alliance with Virtuoso allows for extra earning and provides information and guidance for tour operators, destination specialist and properties around the world. The staff at The Travel Society is extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring! The atmosphere is one of professional ambience combined with extra warmth. An ideal situation.”
Rivka G.
Independent Travel Advisor