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Meet the team

The Travel Society team consists of multiple personalities and skills that revolve around providing exceptional service for our travel advisors. We always have the best interest of our Members.

Owner/Managing Director

Randy Yaroch

Randy Yaroch is the Owner and the Managing Director at Travel Society. Randy oversees sales, marketing, client relations, and supplier relations.

As a leader in the travel industry, Randy sits on advisory boards for Abercrombie & Kent, Vail Resorts, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Marketing & Business Administration. Additionally he completed studies in International Tourism and Hospitality at the North East Wales Institute for Higher Learning, in the United Kingdom.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, superior customer service is a major focal point for Randy. While not hard at work, he enjoys world travel, spending time with his award winning Vieshla’s, enjoying a nice bordeaux, and spending time with family.

The Travel Society is a highly regarded leader in the travel industry and host agency community. The guiding principle of “Gracious Hospitality” is to extend to the entire independent contractor and agency membership by listening to our members and understanding their respective “Independent” business models, providing “Support” with vendor resources and financial reporting, and fostering a “Community” to interact, exchange ideas and prosper through educational opportunities. TTS is genuinely a leader in host agency services to our professional travel advisors for over 30 years.; and , as owner, it is a professional pleasure to collaborate with all our members, vendors and staff.

Susanne Todd, Travel Society

Susanne Todd

Susanne has been a part the Travel Industry since way before Y2K. She has worked as a Travel Advisor, in Marketing, Corporate Sales, Reporting but her true love is Accounting. Susanne managed the accounting department of one of Denver’s largest corporate agencies until they were purchased by a foreign company. She has been with The Travel Society since 2016 and plans to continue to serve our Independent Business Owners for many years to come.

30+ years experience in leadership roles working with the top Travel Management companies in the Denver area. Expertise in accounting, finance and human resources.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you can help them become what they are capable of being.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Opportunities to work with an incredibly dedicated team do not come along often. The Travel Society team cares so much about each detail that it makes my job much easier.

Chris Hood, The Travel Society
Director of Technology

Chris Hood

Chris Hood is the Director of Technology for The Travel Society, managing all facets of Information Technology, and IT support for the company. After growing up in Texas, Chris moved to Colorado in 1995 to complete his education. By the time he had received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from ITT, he had fallen in love with Colorado, and never moved back. Chris has been with The Travel Society now for 13 years. When not at work, he spends virtually all of his spare time with his young son and daughter.

B.S. in Electronic Engineering, ITT Tech

If life is like a story, make it a story worth reading.

Dedication and attention to detail to create a result that’s above expected.

CH Headshot 2021
Director of member services

Chris Herrington

Coming from a small town in North Yorkshire (UK), Chris entered the world of travel at a young age when his family emigrated to the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean. After going to middle school in Spain, Chris went on to study languages at university, and joined the travel industry immediately after graduating. He began his career negotiating FIT and Group contracts with hotels in all major European destinations, before moving to the US to lead the Product, Operations, Customer Service and Air Departments for a leading European Tour Operator. After accepting a role in Strategic Sales for one of the world’s largest B2B Bedbanks, Chris joined The Travel Society as Director of Member Services in 2022.

With a passion for languages, Chris graduated from the University of Sheffield (UK) with an Honors Degree in Hispanic Studies (and Catalan Philology). Having lived and worked all around the UK, Peru, Menorca, Paris & Barcelona, Chris has developed a well-rounded appreciation for different cultures and understands the importance of clear communication.

The success of The Travel Society is directly tied to the success of the members, so Chris’ guiding principle is to provide the advisor community and team members with the tools and support they need to succeed. Following in close second place is the old mantra “with every job that must be done there is an element of fun, and when you find it, the job’s a game”.

The Travel Society is held with such high esteem in the industry that I wanted to be part of such a strongly regarded team, sharing the benefits of my experience, and learning from an incredible team of industry experts. The ethos of Gracious Hospitality mirrors my own approach to customer service and work in general, and I look forward to helping drive the company, staff and, most importantly, advisor members towards our mutual goals and objectives.

Suzy Nicholson

Suzy Nicholson

Suzy was a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), with nearly 35 years of industry experience. Previously an independent travel advisor with The Travel Society joining us in January of 1992.   Suzy is an expert on Apollo and her position very seriously and cares deeply about serving you. She strives to make the Travel Consultant’s life a little easier.

Suzy loves to spend time her leisure time with her horse Wind Walker.

May your path in life manifest respect, kindness and compassion

The Travel Society truly cares about its members our and strives to go the extra mile to ensure they have given their best

Air Ticketing Specialist

Robin Torres

Robin moved to Colorado in May 2021 to be closer to her son.  Her six siblings all still live on the East Coast, but she loves her 1900+ mi Road Trips to visit them.  She loves travel but does not like flying – how ironic!

25+ years working with advisors, selling land and air products for FIT and Groups.  22 of those years were with the same company with many name changes: TravelBound/GTA/Kuoni.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

The People, The Team, The Family Feel.  Such a great company that truly cares about its employees and members.


Lori Mathis

Lori Mathis is the Operations Support Specialist for Travel Society.  Lori has been with Travel Society since 1998 and is involved with vendor management, operations, and supporting our travel advisors.  In her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her kids and granddaughter, knitting, reading, running, and spending time in the Rocky Mountains.

Certified in Travel & Tourism

Just be kind

The people and values

Laura updated
Manager Business Development and Recruitment

Laura DeNuzzi

Laura is an accounting specialist at Travel Society and has been with The Travel Society since 2016. She grew up in a family that made it a point to travel somewhere outside of Colorado at least once a year. One of Laura’s goals in life is to visit all 50 states before she is 50 years old (June 2041).

Laura used this passion of travel to graduate from Metro State University with a degree in Tourism and Event Management in 2013. Since then she has worked in two travel agencies including Travel Society. Her past positions include Corporate Travel Agent, Leisure Travel Agent, Operations Specialist, Office Manager, Events Air Specialist, and ClientBase Specialist. Her extensive background helps bring a new perspective to our accounting department.

Dana for TTS website
Accounting specialist

Dana Warttman

Dana was born in California and spent most of her “growing up” years in Washington State and moved to Colorado in 1989.  Dana’s twin sister still lives in WA and she often takes any opportunity to plan time for them to spend together.  Dana has been working for The Travel Society since 1990 and is very grateful for all these years to grow with this great company. “It’s been a wonderful choice for me since I really enjoy traveling.”  Dana loves living in CO and treasures the mountains and all its sunshine!  Dana enjoys spending time  outdoors to even just walk, fish or go camping.

4 year Bachelor of Science degree from Central Washington University.

29+ years Travel Industry experience working as an Accounting Specialist for The Travel Society.

Be such a good soul that people crave your vibes.

This company goes the extra mile to make all feel welcome and continually thrive, and strive to achieve success in this industry.

Lori Ann for website
Accounting specialist

Lori-Ann Cooper

Lori-Ann is an Accounting Specialist at The Travel Society. In 1997, she began her career in accounting and has never looked back. She has financial knowledge in both corporate and non-profit work environments. She really does enjoy organizing and maintaining records and files.

In her free time, Lori-Ann is an advocate for C-PTSD and Domestic Violence Awareness. She appreciates timeless luxuries in life and is a nature and animal lover.

15+ years Accounting Experience in Corporate and Non-Profit organizations with 1+ years Travel Industry Experience. Supporting Travel IC’s. Roles include Commission Tracking with Statement Reconciliations, ACH and check deposits, Weekly AR Aging, Bi-weekly Commission payroll & statements, Clerical ARC and Data Import Corrections.

“Day One” or “One Day”, you decide. Remember, your glass is always refillable.

What’ not to love! Wonderful Owner’s that support all aspects of the people in and around this company. Great agents, happy associates, welcoming vendors. Everyone works hard for a common goal: each other’s success.

Staff Accountant

Joseph Wilson

Joe grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Colorado in 2017 to attend CU Boulder.

2+ Years Accounting Experience

Whatever you are, be a good one.

To join an excellent team centered around success in the travel industry!

Accounting specialist

Irina Kelley

Irina was born and raised in Ukraine and has been in the US for over 17 years.  She has two beautiful children.

15+ years of accounting experience


“Coming Together is the beginning. Staying Together is the development and working together is the key to success.”
Henry Ford
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson
Life is like accounting, everything must be balanced.

Professionalism, work ethics, attention to details, effective communication, trust and mutual respect for your colleagues, and a great work environment. It’s a company where I want to be a part of the Team that makes sure TTS is successful!

Accounting Specialist

Nicholas Tucci

I am from Boca Raton, FL but grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO. Went to college in Boca Raton studying finance. I am a do it myself type person and like to create and build things myself. Somethings I do are Woodworking where I have built some of my own furniture and remodeled my last condo myself. Sewing where I have my curtains, duvet cover, and throw blankets. Scrapbooking, Epoxy and more. I have enough crafting stuff for a crafting studio. My biggest passion is with cars, and I love to work on them and race them. I achieved one of my biggest goals this year and got my dream car which is a BMW 550i.

My background is in Bookkeeping, Finance with Certifications in QuickBooks, and medical billing/health insurance. I have worked in a lot of different types of industries from doctor offices as an office manager and bookkeeper. Hospitals in doing insurance billing and Patient services. I was the bookkeeper for an auction company and a plumbing business. Now doing accounting with the travel society.  

I am a person who believes we are perfect people because we are not perfect. That is what perfection really is because life would be dull and boring if there was nothing to surprise us, for us to learn from, and to help us apricate things. The good bad and ugly is how we have become who we are today and grow for the future. We are our own worst critic in life and by believing this I tend to be nicer to myself and other people in my life. Working in Health care has really helped me with how I work with clients and interact with people in my life. Working with people who are going through some of the worst things in their life and being able to make them smile when most of their day is filled with pain and discomfort is the best feeling ever. I have worked with people who have not made much money at all to people who do New Years with Beyonce. It doesn’t matter who they are you treat them the same no matter what with kindness and empathy.

When I saw the job posting I thought it would be fun to learn about the travel industry. It wasn’t till after I started working here that I learned why I want to be at the travel society. I haven’t loved a job so much since I lived in Florida and was the office manager for one of the most amazing doctors and that was in 2017 when I left that job to move back to Colorado to be closer to family. I feel at home here and I wake up happy to go to work each day. I love working with all the agents and look forward to getting to know all of them better. I am very happy to be apart of the team.

Technical Support Specialist

Lisa Darlin

Lisa has been with the Travel Society since August of 2020.  She works with members and staff to help with technology needs.

8+ years of technology and technical support experience

Live your life deliberately.

The dedication and commitment shown by this team to its members are more than enough reasons to want to be a part of what they are doing.  The attention to detail is above and beyond, and I am proud to be a part of this group of professionals.