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Heather Ross

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Phone: 303.381.7423

About Me:

I lived in Germany and Guam for many years, and traveled extensively from these locations. I traveled from Guam to Japan, through Russia, partly on the Trans Siberian Express visiting Tashkent, Moscow and St Petersburg and across Europe.

I am a graduate of UCLA and was a professional dancer and television producer before I moved out of the US. I have been a travel consultant since 1985.

Client Testimonials:

“About 10 years ago a dear friend of mine recommended Heather Ross to me as a travel agent.  I travel several times a year, always seem to have special travel needs and changes in my work that make it a real necessity to have a good travel agent.  I was delighted to come to know Heather and to experience a level of expertise and service far above anything I had known before.  Heather searches out the best connections, the best seats, and has been extremely helpful and generous in making the changes that inevitably come with my travel plans.  For example, when a flight is cancelled, and I call her, she has already begun checking how I can make another flight, and directs me where to go in the airport to make that happen.  She has spent a lot of time on the phone, on my behalf, with the airlines.

Recently, with the change in United and Continental, Heather has been spending several hours at a time arranging the possibility of upgrades, different schedules, retrieving pin numbers and seat assignments that seemed to somehow get lost in United’s shuffle.  Her patience amazes me, as does her dedication to really working with me as a client.  I feel well taken care of with Heather’s high degree of knowledgeability, and can trust that I will get where I am going in the most direct and comfortable way.  She has also taken care of my car reservations and recommended hotels to me – one of which is now my world favorite in Warsaw, Poland.

If you are looking for a travel agent, I could not recommend anyone more highly than Heather.  She is a pro.  WHen you have a question, she answers it and any problems arising for the traveler, she handles with ease.”   – Sharon Binder