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The Travel Society Vendor Office Visit Request Form

In order to be reserve an appointment, ALL companies are REQUIRED to register before a meeting time will be set.

Office visits are at discretion of The Travel Society.

Office visits can only be accepted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am and 3pm MT. Visits between 11:30am and 1:30pm are reserved for lunch and learn visits only.

Meeting location will be held based on Members RSVP in either the conference room for a presentation or Travel Society bistro as a “stop-by” of members available


1. Maximize the value of your visit

2. Product education

3. Provide information to The Travel Society members not able to attend. Please note TTS membership is over 150 professional travel advisors residing in over 25 states

Agenda Format: Vendors Note This is mandatory time format at TTS

1. 5 minute of introduction

2. 20-25 minutes of education to include:

   a. Product Updates – 2 to 3 Key Points

   b. Bring Collateral – or – Reference digital library (forward to TTS prior for distribution to members)

   c. How you differ from your competitors

   d. Web site Training Dates

   e. Education on Your Company Web site Key Features

   f. Networking Opportunities / Educational & FAM Trips / Agent Rates

   g. Marketing Suggestions / Marketing Co-Op Funds

   h. Agent Incentives

3. 10-15 minute of Q&A

4. Provide Presentation in electronic format for distribution to Members

Please List 2-3 Key Points