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Trusted Traveler Programs


TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck provides expedited screening through security lanes in more than 200 airports across the country. In the TSA PreCheck lines, there’s no need to remove your shoes, belt, or light jacket; liquids and electronics like tablets and laptops can stay in your bag.



Global Entry

Global Entry is the most robust trusted traveler program, with a thorough application process. It involves a background check, and not everyone is approved for the program. After preliminary approval, travelers must go through an in-person interview before they get Global Entry, which lasts five years.



You can use CLEAR at 50+ domestic airports. CLEAR is changing how people live and work, creating a more secure, connected world. CLEAR uses your eyes and face into a touchless ID, allowing you to quickly and securely confirm your identity – unlocking frictionless experiences across the physical and digital world.



Mobile Passport

If you aren’t eligible for Global Entry or simply don’t feel like going through the cumbersome application process, Mobile Passport is a helpful free app (available for iOS and Android) for speeding past customs at 25 U.S. airports. In fact, sometimes the lines for Mobile Passport at the immigration checkpoint are even shorter than the lines for Global Entry.