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Unused Ticket Automation

Unused Ticket Automation

The Travel Society is moving forward with some new automated processes to assist you in expeditiously retrieving important information pertaining to your clients ticketing data.
This includes immediate access to your own Unused Ticket Reporting.
To automate this process for you, a new retention line will be added to all of your itineraries with a date of 339 days from the date you create the pnr. This will also keep all of your pnrs "live" to help assist with history if and when you may need it without having to remember to put in the retention line yourself.
This retention line WILL print on your itineraries and read "Thank You For Your Business" .
You can remain opted in, yet still add an override if you prefer this retention line NOT to print on your itineraries so that you can still participate in the automation of Unused Ticket reporting. You also have the option to "Opt Out" and we will discontinue your participation in this program, however, please keep in mind that if you "Opt Out" the ability to provide you these reports in the future will not be available and you are authorizing The Travel Society to remove the retention.

Please complete the form and submit only if you choose to "opt out" of having a retention line added to all of your ended pnrs.

I Understand by Opting Out I will NOT have the ability to access my Unused Ticket Reports